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Environment: Visual C++ 6.0

Here's a function that gives you access to the source html of a URL. As written the function stores the results to a .txt file, but you could easily modified the function to fit your needs. From there you can parse the data, create a page on the fly, and use the Navigate2 method to display the results in a browser. This function could be useful for develping html views that block adds or give the user the option of text-only page views. With a little imagination you could probably come up with many other uses for this code.

The GetSourceHtml function makes use of the CInternetSession class, so be sure to place #include "afxinet.h" below #include "stdafx.h" in the source file that contains the GetSourceHtml function.

To use GetSourceHtml, pass it a URL as a CString in the following format: GetSourceHtml( _T("http://www.codeguru.com") );. You can then use Notepad to view the results. You will find it in the C:\ directory as rawHtml.txt
BOOL GetSourceHtml(CString theUrl) 
 // this first block does the actual work
 CInternetSession session;
 CInternetFile* file = NULL;
  // try to connect to the URL
  file = (CInternetFile*) session.OpenURL(theUrl); 
 catch (CInternetException* m_pException)
  // set file to NULL if there's an error
  file = NULL; 

 // most of the following deals with storing the html to a file
 CStdioFile dataStore;

 if (file)
  CString somecode;

  BOOL bIsOk = dataStore.Open(_T("C:\\rawHtml.txt"),
                              | CFile::modeWrite 
                              | CFile::shareDenyWrite 
                              | CFile::typeText);

  if (!bIsOk)
   return FALSE;

  // continue fetching code until there is no more
  while (file->ReadString(somecode) != NULL) 
  delete file;
  dataStore.WriteString(_T("Could not establish a connection with the server..."));	


  • can't identify url of a webpage

    Posted by ancy anna on 09/25/2004 09:22am

    i have a web page with 2 submit buttons(next and Previous) and the form action attribute is set as "post".Then how can we identify the url of next or previous page.Also how can we access to the source html of this URL.

  • How to enter data and click a button

    Posted by Legacy on 01/15/2004 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Russ


    I'm after something similar to this. Having read in the html I'd like to simulate logging into a system i.e. entering a username & password and clicking the 'login' button. Could anyone give me any pointers ?



  • What about securied pages !

    Posted by Legacy on 02/22/2003 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Gorgo

    Actually I have one page with is securied with some user name and password. How to pass the pass and user name to the web ?


  • If Only

    Posted by Legacy on 02/18/2003 08:00am

    Originally posted by: alan

    Is there any way to get part of the source?

    I tried putting the source of a large page into a CString and then trying .Find("something") but it returns -1. Its definately in the source but is it because the CString doesn't hold enough that it doesn't find it?


  • Save all pictures

    Posted by Legacy on 01/03/2003 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Nexus


    How can I save the picture in the HTML page. This function save only the text but not the picture.

    Thanks you for the answer

  • Can Someone pls help?(Urgent)

    Posted by Legacy on 12/26/2002 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Eunice

    CString urlAddr = _T("");
    CString filename = _T("\\My Documents\\album\\try.txt");
    MessageBox( TEXT("URL OK"), TEXT("Load Image"), MB_OK);

    This is my so source code but when i compile it,i keep having this error

    D:\PocketPCProject\source\EVC\copy3\SimpleImageDlg.cpp(124) : error C2065: 'URLDownloadToFile' : undeclared identifier
    Can anyone help me to solve it please??

  • I get html error 407 Proxy Authentication Required

    Posted by Legacy on 09/03/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: tom

    I get html error 407 Proxy Authentication Required by using this function. What can i do?

  • stdafx.h and afxinet.h are MFC only in MSVC6

    Posted by Legacy on 07/11/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Payson Welch

    Took me a little bit to figure out that the stdafx and afxinet libraries seem to only (well with no tweaking involved) be part of an MFC type application. Simple enough you just need to create a new project, standard exe with MFC support, don't forget to use the project_name.cpp file that MSVC will create for you in the project folder.

  • Is it possible to get source type?

    Posted by Legacy on 07/05/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Chandramohan J

    Is it possible to get the type of source file, i.e, html, xml ,asp or jsp ?
    If there is any function it will be useful.

    Thank You.

  • How to get all files?

    Posted by Legacy on 04/28/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Xiaolong Wu

    A web page usually contains many files: an HTML file and several files of type graphic, sound, movie, ...

    Hope somebody can tell me how to separate these files, get their type and length from the CHttpFile* file returned by OpenRequest().

    In short, I would like to know how the "Save" function is done in IE6.

    Any help is appreciated.

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