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If you wanted to add hot toolbar buttons like the ones seen in internet explorer, it is pretty straight forward. This approach for will work for both Visual C++ 5 and 6, however you may want to read up on the enhancements to the toolbar class for VC 6.0.

After your toolbar has been created in CMainFrame::OnCreate(), you will need to add the following code, this is assuming that you have two bitmap resources already created IDB_TOOLBAR_COLD for normal, and IDB_TOOLBAR_HOT for hot buttons:

	// Set up hot bar image lists.
	CImageList	imageList;
	CBitmap		bitmap;

	// Create and set the normal toolbar image list.
	imageList.Create(21, 20, ILC_COLORDDB|ILC_MASK, 13, 1);
	imageList.Add(&bitmap, RGB(255,0,255));
	m_hotToolBar.SendMessage(TB_SETIMAGELIST, 0, (LPARAM)imageList.m_hImageList);

	// Create and set the hot toolbar image list.
	imageList.Create(21, 20, ILC_COLORDDB|ILC_MASK, 13, 1);
	imageList.Add(&bitmap, RGB(255,0,255));
	m_hotToolBar.SendMessage(TB_SETHOTIMAGELIST, 0, (LPARAM)imageList.m_hImageList);

The send message portion of the code has been wrapped into a CToolBarCtrl() function call for Visual C++ 6. If you will notice, I have used 24 bit color images with the toolbar shown here, so you are not limited to just 16 colors.

Download demo project - (30 KB)

Last updated December 21, 1998

This article was originally published on December 21st, 1998

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