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The following project implements a derived box from CEdit featuring a prompt command.

The code guarantees to work well depending on the options that developer chooses when drawing the dialog box: they should be preserved as those included in the following project (MULTILINE, AUTOVSCROLL ...).

Click here for larger image

I do not put any code here, because it would be unuseful and much boring. In fact the code of CPromptBox is very simple and it should be understood easily at running time, since the matter is just to rule the caret movement at each row, or just taking the string of every row.

Anyway, some attention should be payed to how to connect the prompt of a working class (for example: a parser). I have implemented a simple method in this project, where CPromptEdit communicates with a report box on the right.

Look at the image below:

Click here for larger image

Anyway a lot of other methods can be come out, according to your needs or fantasy, so ...

... comments and suggestions are very well appreciated both in this site and directly to me at : my e-mail


VC++ 5.0 project - 22 Kb
The class code - 4 Kb

This article was originally published on February 21st, 2002

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