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Environment: VC++ 5.0 SP3, commctrl.dll 4.71 or above.
Up to date commctrl.h/comctl32.lib (From Latest Platform SDK)

Microsoft. Internet Explorer Version 4.0 introduces a new visual technology called flat scroll bars. Functionally, flat scroll bars behave just like normal scroll bars. The only difference is they are not displayed three-dimensionally. Flat scroll bar APIs are implemented in version 4.71 and later of Comctl32.dll.

Here's a Thin Wrapper around the Flat ScrollBar API.

Header File

class CFlatScrollBar 
// Construction

// Attributes
	CWnd *m_pWnd;

// Operations
	BOOL EnableScrollBar(int, UINT);
	BOOL ShowScrollBar(int code, BOOL);

	BOOL GetScrollRange(int code, LPINT, LPINT);
	BOOL GetScrollInfo(int code, LPSCROLLINFO);
	int  GetScrollPos(int code);
	BOOL GetScrollProp(int propIndex, LPINT);

	int  SetScrollPos(int code, int pos, BOOL fRedraw);
	int  SetScrollInfo(int code, LPSCROLLINFO, BOOL fRedraw);
	int  SetScrollRange(int code, int min, int max, BOOL fRedraw);
	BOOL SetScrollProp(UINT index, int newValue, BOOL);

	BOOL InitializeFlatSB(CWnd *);
	HRESULT UninitializeFlatSB();

// Implementation
	virtual ~CFlatScrollBar();


Implementation File

	m_pWnd = NULL;

	m_pWnd = NULL;

// CFlatScrollBar message handlers

BOOL CFlatScrollBar::EnableScrollBar(int wSBflags,UINT wArrows)
	return ::FlatSB_EnableScrollBar(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),wSBflags,wArrows);

BOOL CFlatScrollBar::ShowScrollBar(int code, BOOL bShow)
	return ::FlatSB_ShowScrollBar(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),code, bShow);

BOOL CFlatScrollBar::GetScrollRange(int code, LPINT lpMinPos, LPINT lpMaxPos)
	return ::FlatSB_GetScrollRange(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),code,lpMinPos,lpMaxPos);

BOOL CFlatScrollBar::GetScrollInfo(int code, LPSCROLLINFO lpsi)
	return ::FlatSB_GetScrollInfo(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),code,lpsi);

int  CFlatScrollBar::GetScrollPos(int code)
	return ::FlatSB_GetScrollPos(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),code);

BOOL CFlatScrollBar::GetScrollProp(int propIndex, LPINT pValue)
	return ::FlatSB_GetScrollProp(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),propIndex, pValue);

int  CFlatScrollBar::SetScrollPos(int code, int pos, BOOL fRedraw)
	return ::FlatSB_SetScrollPos(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),code,pos,fRedraw);

int  CFlatScrollBar::SetScrollInfo(int code, LPSCROLLINFO lpsi, BOOL fRedraw)
	return ::FlatSB_SetScrollInfo(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),code,lpsi,fRedraw);

int  CFlatScrollBar::SetScrollRange(int code, int min, int max, BOOL fRedraw)
	return ::FlatSB_SetScrollRange(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),code,min,max,fRedraw);

BOOL CFlatScrollBar::SetScrollProp(UINT index, int newValue, BOOL fRedraw)
	return ::FlatSB_SetScrollProp(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd(),index,newValue,fRedraw);

BOOL CFlatScrollBar::InitializeFlatSB(CWnd *pWnd)
	m_pWnd = pWnd;
	return ::InitializeFlatSB(pWnd->GetSafeHwnd());

HRESULT CFlatScrollBar::UninitializeFlatSB()
	return ::UninitializeFlatSB(m_pWnd->GetSafeHwnd());

To use CFlatScrollBar on a CEdit Control inside a CDialog:

BOOL CFlatScrollDlg::OnInitDialog()

Last updated: 16 June 1998


  • bug

    Posted by jundax on 07/08/2005 01:26pm

    Platform: VC .NET | Windows XP BUG: when typing Flat style becomes normal. :(

  • What about scrollbar controls inserted into a dialog box !

    Posted by Legacy on 11/27/2002 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Mike Marquet

    I have inserted an horizontal scrollbar into your test application and tried to make same flat.

    Doesn't works.

    I have make it so :

    horz.InitializeFlatSB( GetDlgItem(IDSB_HORZ) );

  • Help me change pallete

    Posted by Legacy on 08/30/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Yoo

    I want to color of scrollbar.
    How can I change color of scrollbar.
    In msdn,
    BOOL FlatSB_SetScrollProp(
    HWND hwnd,
    UINT index,
    INT_PTR newValue,
    BOOL fRedraw
    I find WSB_PROP_PALETTE for index.
    It seems to change color of scrollbar.
    Who don't know the solution of this?

  • Anyone try to change the pallette?

    Posted by Legacy on 06/10/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: John

    I added the following:

    CPalette pal;

    BYTE[sizeof(LOGPALETTE) + 20 * sizeof(PALETTEENTRY)];
    lpLogPal->palNumEntries = 20;
    lpLogPal->palVersion = 0x300;
    for (int i = 0; i < 20; i++)
    lpLogPal->palPalEntry[i].peRed = i * 10;
    lpLogPal->palPalEntry[i].peBlue = 0;
    lpLogPal->palPalEntry[i].peGreen = 0;
    lpLogPal->palPalEntry[i].peFlags = 0;



    But the colors don't change. I can use WSB_PROP_VBKGDCOLOR just fine.


  • Does not work with List Box

    Posted by Legacy on 05/31/2002 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Pauli

    It does not work with List Box.

  • Can't move scrollbar in CListCtrl :(

    Posted by Legacy on 02/05/2002 08:00am

    Originally posted by: 111222

    like title:(

  • Can Flat Scrollbar be used with Windows Common Controls

    Posted by Legacy on 01/08/2002 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Ravi

    Can this FlatSb be used with other Common Controls like TreeView, ListView etc ?
    Can we subclass these controls and use custom Scrollbars with them ?


  • A job well done!!!!!

    Posted by Legacy on 10/15/2001 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Prashanth Kamath

    this was a ver neatly done job. thanks a lot

  • greate job!! (clear work..)

    Posted by Legacy on 06/06/2001 07:00am

    Originally posted by: Kwon Jinho

    Window 2000, VC6.0, SP5.0 (not import SDK )

    Thanks your wapper class..
    That's clear work..

    => if source doesn't work..
    => then, not modify WM_VSCROLL & WM_HSCROLL event handler..
    => override OnVScroll and OnHScroll


  • It Works!!!! Checked with NT4.0/SP4/VC++5.0/Platform SDK (Jan98)

    Posted by Legacy on 12/29/1998 08:00am

    Originally posted by: Davanum Srinivas


    Can you please explain what you meant by

    "missing of the core d=code fonctions"

    I just checked the sample code which can be downloaded on the platform mentioned above. Please be specific in your comments so that others can understand as to whether there was problem compiling or running the program.

    -- dims

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