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Environment: Win2K SP2, VC6 SP4

Simply, this is a chart with support for "history". For bugs and improvements mail me, Thz.

The class has the following features:

  • Any number of lines.
  • Different styles, colors and width for each line.
  • Unlimited number of points per line, or you can put limit if you want.
  • Configurable grid.
  • Hscroll.
  • Automatic adjustment to vertical values.
  • ...

How to use

1. Declare a CScrollChart object -- it's a template you must use to specify a type of data.

CScrollChart< float > m_wndChart;

2. Use Create (See help file for values).

m_wndChart.Create( WS_VISIBLE | GS_NOTIFY, 

3. Add lines.

m_wndChart.AddLine(ID_LINE1, RGB(255,0,0));
m_wndChart.AddLine(ID_LINE2, RGB(0,0,255), LS_POINT | LS_HORZAUTO);
You can add new lines at any moment.

4. Add data to line.

m_wndChart.AddData(ID_LINE1, 3, 9);
m_wndChart.AddData(ID_LINE1, 10, 2);
m_wndChart.AddData(ID_LINE2, 3);
m_wndChart.AddData(ID_LINE2, 5);
m_wndChart.AddData(ID_LINE2, 34);


Download demo project - 14 Kb
Download source - 2 Kb
Download help - 7 Kb


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