Win32 Bitmaps Screen Saver

Environment: Windows NT 4, Visual C++ 5, Win32 SDK

This article demonstrates the development of screen saver using Win32 SDK. This
article is very simple. It has 3 routines which are called by Windows 95 during
screen saver activation. The first one is where we set up our timer and display
a series of bitmaps one by one every 7 seconds. The source code is provided along
with comments.

It is very simple. It explains how to load the bitmap BMP file format into the memory
and how to manipulate them using the Win32 APIs. I have used straightforward method to
allocate and display the bitmaps to the screen. Kindly go through them and provide me
with your questions and suggestions.

To use the screen saver first create a folder called C:Screen. Then put all your
wonderful bitmaps in this folder. Then activate the Bitmap Screen Saver using control
panel. First you must have the SCREEN.SCR file in the Windows folder. Then use Control
Panel to change the Display settings.

I have a bunch of software utilities in my web site at
which can be visited at your liesure and software can be downloaded. To get the source
codes write to my e-mail address. Here I have provided complete source code for my
screen saver.


Download Bitmaps Screen Saver – 15 Kb

Download source code for Bitmaps Screen Saver – 4 Kb

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