Top 7 Tips for Developing a Secure ASP.NET Web Application

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    Top 7 Tips for Developing a Secure ASP.NET Web Application

As the usage of the internet and the number of web applications over the internet have gone exponentially high there are bad people who continuously work around the clock to hack them. It may be for personal gain or just as an amateur act. Despite the intention of the bad guy the damage caused to the organization hosting the site or its users should be taken into account. As a professional web application developer it is a must to be aware of the best practices to follow in order to make the application more secure. In this article I will be listing and explaining my top 7 tips for developing a secure asp.net application.


  • programmer

    Posted by tony on 12/14/2015 07:10pm

    very good article

  • Can you relate to practical scenarios

    Posted by Muralitharan on 11/18/2015 04:15am

    For example, you can give example how bad guys do things with the viewstate data and how viewstatemac is cryptographic safe.

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