A Quick Look at What's Released with Visual Studio 2017

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    Visual Studio 2017 Launch

    Visual Studio 2017 Launch

There is no stopping Visual Studio, and to prove that, it is now time for Visual Studio 2017. In fact, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 is now generally available. Being that this is Codeguru, I’ll assume you know what Visual Studio is; however, do you know where Microsoft has focused their attention and updates in regard to this newest edition? Do you know what has changed with Visual Studio or the .NET products that often are associated to it? The following slides provide just a small glimpse of the some of the 1200 feature changes!

Visual Studio is targeting support any developer on any platform. In fact, they are working to be the best-in-class tool for every developer.

This article was originally published on March 8th, 2017

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