Gestures Evolved: Kinect SDK v2.0 Released


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I've mentioned in the past that gestures support will be important to include in your applications. Related to that, Microsoft is releasing the 2.0 version of their Kinect SDK today. Additionally, they’ve announced a connector you can buy to use with the Kinect for Xbox One that will allow you to use the device on Windows 8 and 8.1. Finally, they are also allowing Kinect apps to be deployed into the Windows Store

Kinect SDK 2.0

With the 2.0 release of the SDK, a number of benefits have been added. This includes upping the support for tracking multiple people. You'll now be able to track up to 25 skeletal joints on six people at once. This includes identifying joints such as hand tips, thumbs, and the shoulder center. There is also better facial tracking added into the new SDK. You'll be able to get a resolution that is 20 times greater than the previous SDK. This means you’ll be able to tap into a mesh of over 1,000 points when working with facial recognition. Other changes include support for Unity Pro, the ability to access the same sensor from multiple applications at once, Kinect Studio updates, and much more.

Xbox One Kinect Adapter for Windows

If you own an Xbox One with a Kinect v2 sensor, for an additional $49.99 you can now buy an adapter that lets you use it on Windows through a USB 3.0 port. The adapter will allow for your Kinect to perform identically to the more expensive Windows Kinect for Windows v2. With the Kinect, you will be able to add gesture support and f voice recognition to your Windows applications.

Kinect Windows Store Apps

While I've stated you need to support gestures in your applications, there’s been an issue with being able to display Kinect apps to the Windows Store. You can now submit apps that support gestures, body tracking, and even object recognition.

In Summary

Intel is pushing their Real Sense into the market, and Leap Motion continues to make headway with their Leap Motion device. Even so, Microsoft is not sitting back. They continue to evolve what the Kinect can do. With three serious players in the gestures peripheral market, can you afford to ignore what is happening?

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