Do You Trust Cloud Storage? What Do Most Developers Say?

Simply put, most developers don't seem to trust cloud storage.

In our poll, over 2300 people responded on our developer sites to the simple question of "Do you trust cloud storage?" and the result was that over 50% said no. Only one in four said they did trust cloud storage, while nearly 19% were not sure.

Cloud storage distrust

For vendors of cloud storage, this should be a huge concern. Events such as the hacking of iCloud recently definitely don't help to build trust around online storage. Vendors have a big task to change the perception.

Some of the comment made by people responding to our poll include:

  • "Not with sensitive files"
  • "Trust it to be online for file retrieval, do not trust it with sensitive information"
  • "It's trustable but like everything it has it's risks"
  • "Cloud storage is technically robust, but I'm not convinced it's really secure"
  • "Only with sufficient encryption"
  • "only when i am a celebrity"
  • "Both. For things that are not critical - cloud is fine. For truly private or business classified, cloud is scarey"
  • "If not for personal photos and data, yes."
  • "I do trust it on some points, and not in others... many of things i do store it in the cloud, While other personal and sensitive things i do not.. the real examples we saw on iCloud hack is a good example."

There were many other comments as well, many that I can't publish. For those of you that are running cloud storage services, I'm sure you'll love the following comment:

  • "I would give my life for cloud storage"

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  • CEO

    Posted by Eugene Mayevski on 12/01/2014 01:18am

    Client-side encryption of data before putting it to the cloud solves many problems. And there exist components and libraries for this.

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