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Ramblings from the Microsoft Build Conference

There is likely to be a ton of articles written in the last 24 hours on Windows 8 and the announcements at the Build conference. There is a lot being presented. In fact, I've started working on a couple of articles and blog posts that will be posted in the near future. I thought I'd simply bullet list a number of comments, words, and tidbits that came up in presentations and conversations at Microsoft's Build conference. These are not intended to be comprehensive coverage, but rather simply talking points for what is coming from Microsoft. There is no order to these, I'm simply presenting information. This blog is posted to a couple of forums (VBForums and Codeguru/forums), so I'm sure some of the following will drive a few conversations.

Microsoft Build Conference: Was it worth the wait?

It is too early to state whether the Microsoft Build Conference was worth the wait. The conference keynote starts in about an hour and a half. Expectations are high that there will be industry changing announcements. Just the release of information on Windows 8 should be enough to have an impact, but there is a curiosity to see what else Microsoft has to say.

Joomla Turns 25 Million

There are a number of open source content management systems and tools being used to build web sites today. Among the top that I see mentioned the most are WordPress, DotNetNuke, Drupal, and Joomla. I'm also seeing Umbraco mentioned more in conversations as well because it supports .NET.

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