Certifications: Can They Make You $100k+ or Are They Dead?

A couple of new articles have been published related to certifications and their overall value. One of the articles focuses on which certifications can help you get into the "$100k club".

While many developers are now in this club, the question for those that are not is whether the time and money invested in a certification can help them get there, or get there quicker. 81% of the surveyed IT professionals  that indicated they were certified in the past 5 years were in agreement on whether they thought it was worthwhile. If you want to know whether they did, read "The $100k club: Which certs could get you in?" You'll also see which certifications had average wages from 2011 that broke six-figures.

The second question that was answered in a recent article was, Is the MCP certification dead? While the MCP certification is one of the best known, it is also one that has since evolved. For more on the potential death in value of the MCP, check out the article Is the MCP Certification Dead?

This article was originally published on August 8th, 2011

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