Implementing Site Pinning

We've added site pinning to several of our sites including Codeguru. In order to see the site pinning, you need to be using Internet Explorer 9 or later. This will allow you to drag and pin an icon to the taskbar. In Windows this pinned icon on the task bar will provide a menu when you click on it. You'll be able to access core areas of Codeguru as well as see what the most recent articles were the last time you were on the site. Clicking the icon will open the Codeguru site in a special browser window.

We also added site pinning to HTMLGoodies. I actually wrote a case study about implementing pinning on the HTMLGoodies site. You can find the article in the HTMLGoodies HTML5 Developer Center.

Implementing Site Pinning with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7: A Case Study

This article was originally published on July 21st, 2011

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