Microsoft WebMatrix Released

My team was involved with a great project this week. That project was to stream a live event on one of our sites. In fact, the event is streaming live at www.DevX.com/RIA as I write this blog entry.

Streaming this event was neat for a variety of reasons. First, we first started talking about streaming this event less than a week ago and were able to get it live on our site. Second, the event where the presentation was occurring was not your standard big, corporate technical conference, but rather a community conference being done - CodeMash. As a leader of a local tech group and a local technical event, I find this a great precedent for the future potential exposure to community events.

The third reason it was neat was because the event was to announce a new product, Microsoft WebMatrix. This is a Web site development product that makes building pages and site pretty easy. You can check out the video with some demos. We are streaming it live now (at the time I posted this), but we will have an on-demand version as soon as possible. You'll also find links for downloading WebMatrix on that page as well.

This article was originally published on January 13th, 2011

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