Java Is Still Firmly Planted In Enterprise IT Shops

Just ask Forrester, and they'll tell you that the data reveals that Java is still firmly planted in enterprise IT shops for custom-developed applications. Forrester asked software decision makers the question, "For custom-developed applications, which development platforms does your company use?" The answers were as follows:

Microsoft .NET60%       (down from 61% in 2008)
Java, Java EE, or J2EE54%(up from 49% in 2008)
Rich Interface in a browser34%(up from 25% in 2008)
Mainframe or midrange platform24%(down from 28% in 2008)
Open source framework like spring or hibernate17%(up from 15% in 2009)
Lightweight Web frameworks18%(up from 10% in 2008)
Proprietary 4GLs14%(down from 17% in 2009)
Other8%(up from 6% in 2008)


For more information, you can see their article Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Develpoment."

This article was originally published on November 23rd, 2010

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