Join Our LIVE Broadcast of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Event

Live from the RIA Development Center tied to our DevX site, we will be broadcasting video of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Developer event happening on October 12th. If you can't make it to a local event, then this is your chance to jump on and see the presentations as they are happening.

For the Live WP7 developer event click on the following link:

Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch:
Jump Start Your Mobile Development

This event starts at 8:30 am Pacific Time on October 12th and runs until 5:15PM. Broadcast live from the Microsoft Silicon Valely Office, the day is filled with the following sessions:

  • Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development
  • Monetizing Your Apps with Marketplace
  • From Idea to Interactivity: Design Guidelines for Windows Phone 7
  • Supercharge Your Windows Phone 7 Apps with Microsoft Silverlight
  • Step Up Your Game with Windows Phone 7 and XNA
  • The Power of the Cloud: Exploring Windows Phone 7 Services

Stop by at any time or spend the whole day! Regardless, let us know if you find our streaming of the live event valuable.

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Please note that DevX, VBForums, Codeguru.com, and our other sites all do business with Microsoft.

This article was originally published on October 11th, 2010

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