"Hands on" Development

As a person running web sites, I get press releases on a regular basis. Being that the sites I oversee are focused primarily, on developers, it is no surprise that most of the release focus on developers and development. Of course, every now and then I get a press release that leaves me wondering a bit.

This week I received a release for a "hands on" development product. Of course, that sounds like something you might find interesting, so it should be no surprise that I opened it to take a look.

There are a number of different products for hands on development, but of course, this product was for hands--and developing them. No code, not specifically for programmers, but aimed at anyone with a hand and fingers!

The "hands on" development product is Xtensor, a tool that exercises your hands to help your finger extensor muscles and tendons. While this won't help you write the best C++ or Java program, it will help your hands if you do a lot of typing. I've included a picture because the $39.95 device actually looks pretty cool.

While this isn't the goofiest press release I've received, I have to admit, it rates pretty close!


This article was originally published on February 6th, 2010

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