A Market for Apps Going Mobile : Part 2

Of course, the moment I post on mobile applications, I get yet another press release. This time AdMob, a mobile advertising network, has provided information on consumer usage and attitudes in regard to Android, iPhone and webOS applications. In their AdMob Mobile Metrics Report, they provide a number of points including the following:


  • iPhone users tend to download more paid applications than Android users even though both groups download nearly the same number of applications.
    • 50% of iPhone users purchase one paid application a month.
    • 21% of Android users purchase one paid application a month
  • Percentage of people who would recommend their device to others. These statistics come as no surprise:
    • 64% of webOS users would recommend their device
    • 84% of Android users would recommend their device
    • 91% of iPhone users would recommend their device
  • From a pure application download perspective, the number of apps downloaded on a monthly basis averages:
    • 12 for iPod touch users
    • 7 for Android users
    • 6 for webOS users

For more information, you can check out the January 2010 Mobile Metrics Report.

This article was originally published on February 25th, 2010

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