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A Market for Apps Going Mobile

Over the last few days, I've had a number of statistics related to mobile devices come across my desk. For example, a press release from Prompt Communications for asknet included a few stats on mobile growth. For example, 2010 mobile sales are expected to top $1 billion. This was after an expectation that the mobile commerce market sales would top $750 million in 2009, a 117% growth.

The Buzz on Google Buzz

Today Google announced Buzz. This will be added to Google. You'll find new icons on mobile google as well as find more on buzz at buzz.google.com. Google Buzz should allow you to share and communicate inside of Gmail and more. It extends what Gmail does with social networking. It tends to bring social media to gmail.

Top Five Developer Mistakes of the Week

Real developers are tough and can take criticism in the same way that Superman can take punches. On the flip side, developers can be quick to throw criticisms as well. This week a number of interesting factors were brought to my attention about goofy developer things. The bottom line is simply; there are things developers should do and should not do. If you don't do some basic things, then you are like Superman in a room full of kryptonite. The punches might start to hurt.

"Hands on" Development

As a person running web sites, I get press releases on a regular basis. Being that the sites I oversee are focused primarily, on developers, it is no surprise that most of the release focus on developers and development. Of course, every now and then I get a press release that leaves me wondering a bit.

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