Silverlight 3 Launches for Microsoft, But Not for Me!

Microsoft has announced in a Press Release that Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 are now available. You can go to the Silverlight home page and download the newest version.I did this today and successfully downloaded and started the install of the new version:


Unfortunately, I soon hit a wall:

(link on dialog vanished when I did the screen capture)

Thankfully, I was given the link for more information in the dialog so that I could figure out the issue. As you can see, the help was.....:


Okay, so there was no more help. I could dig and find the answer to my issue, but I have to step back and ponder for a moment. I've had Flash upgrade on my machine through a variety of versions. I don't recall running into any issues that stopped the install. I'm this install of Silverlight 3 is an exception isolated to me, then no biggie for anyone but me. If it isn't isolated to me, then I think Silverlight is going to lose a few more point to Flash....

Did Silverlight 3 install for you without issue?

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