From Devx : Economic Downturn Not Necessarily Bad for Developers


Russell Jones at DevX.com comments on why he things the economic downturn isn't bad for developers. He has some interesting comments that I believe have merit. I know that in the Indianapolis area, many IT layoffs have happened in the past week. Relative to other departments in an organization, the IT layoffs have been minor.

In many cases, the IT layoffs I've seen were the result of a company doing an "across the board" cut in all departments. This is a concept I find goofy since cutting some areas could have a much greater impact than others. Even so, large companies still take this approach. In reading Russell's blog, he explains how the IT department can be where the pain of such cuts can be reduced by automating the tasks of other departments. It is interesting to ponder in these interesting economic times.

This article was originally published on January 9th, 2009

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