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As you should know, Codeguru accepts technical articles. You can easily submit them using the link on the left side of the main Codeguru pages (site pages, not forum pages). Need some help writing an article or knowing what to do or not do? Russell Jones over at http://www.devx.com has made a few tips - ten to be exact. You can find these at: http://blog.devx.com/2009/01/10-tips-for-writing-consistent.html

I won't say that I agree with all of his comments, but overall they are good. The one area that I disagree is in using 'hello world' samples. I believe they are good as long as you also indicate how to go beyond the simplistic. I often see examples that are extermely complicated. Such complex examples can end up adding other things into the example that causes the entire point being taught to be lost. At the end of the day -- or the end of the article -- the key is to do just that, to teach. If the example can get the point across clearly, without adding additional confusion, then it is good.

If you are doing any writing on technical topics, or considering it, then check out Russell's blog entry!




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