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Talking about Touching….

I was writing a new blog entry and realized that I had more to say than a blog entry should really allow. As such, I've posted my rant as an article called There is More Than Just a Little Touching….

Web 2.0 Summit 2008 Presentation Files and Videos

As you might know, I've written a book called Web 2.0 Heroes that contains interviews with numerous people running high profile Web 2.0 related sites around the internet. As such, I'm a bit partial to the topic of Web 2.0. Earlier this month was a Web 2.0 conference by O'Reilly. You can find videos of some of the interviews and sessions at:

Windows 7 Calculates to Large Results for Developers

If you can install it,Windows 7 can calculate to large results for developers. Is Windows 7 the grand promise replacement to Vista? That is the question many seem to be pondering. I won't speak for all of Windows 7; however, I will comment on one specific item that has been improved specifically with developers in mind.

Multi-core Confusion Still Reigns – Even With Developers

The focus on multi-core processors and their impact on developers continues to move into the mainstream. Processors are simply not getting faster, rather they are getting more cores. As such, any application being created that cannot break out tasks to operate concurrently or in parallel is running about as fast as it can. Running such an application on a multi-core processor means that a chunk of the overall processor will likely be unused even though the application itself is running at 100%.  The more cores a system gets, the more usused -- and thus wasted -- processing power can occur.

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