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Tuesday November 11, 2008

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One of my favorite movies in recent years is Transformers. It is exciting to know that a sequel is currently in the works. Why do I mention the movie, Transformers, in my technical newsletter? In the movie, the core plot revolves around the "All-Spark." This is a mysterious block that is believed to give power for sustaining the Transformer race.

Although I could tell you more about the All Spark and Transformers, that is not the focus of my editorial. Rather, an announcement from Microsoft started my thinking about this topic.

What would Microsoft announce that would lead to thinking about a Science Fiction movie about robots and an All-Spark? Simply put, Microsoft's creative and sustaining force is not the All Spark, but rather the BizSpark—Microsoft BizSpark to be exact.

This is not to say that Microsoft is bringing life and sustenance to a group of robotic aliens. Rather, it is doing something similar for starting companies. Microsoft is using their global BizSpark program as a way to help try to accelerate the success that early startups can have. They are doing this by providing software, support, and visibility.

Startups will be able to go to www.Microsoft.com/bizspark to find BizSpark champs and network partners that can help get them started with the program.

The site also details more of the particulars of what startups are offered. Of course, the spark doesn't bring life to everyone. Rather, a startup has to be focused on software development, it has to be privately held, it has to be new (less than three years old), and it has to have less than one million US dollars in annual revenues. The Microsoft site further defines the details of these requirements.

I'm not sure that the All Spark proved overly useful in the first Transformers movie. A cursory glance at the BizSpark seems like it could have a much greater impact on society—at least for those working with a startup!

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Sidebar: Will Microsoft BizSpark be a bigger success than the All Spark movie?
The Transformers movie was released on July 3, 2007 and made $70 million (US) its opening weekend. It went on to gross over $319 million domestically (US) and another $389 million elsewhere, for a total of over $708 million in its release. The follow-up movie is currently slated for release on June 26, 2009.

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