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November 6, 2007


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--> Editorial
--> Recently Published Books

--> New on CodeGuru:

        ==> Applets
                - [Updated] Running Windows XP Control Panel Applets from Visual Basic .NET 2005
        ==> BizTalk
                - Building a BizTalk Pipeline Content Enricher with SQL Server 2005
        ==> C++
                - Two Cool Things in C++00X: Object Initialization and Move Semantics
        ==> Memory
                - Application-Level Memory Management for Memory-Constrained Devices
                - [Updated] Fast, Efficient Allocator for Small Blocks of Memory
        ==> Misc.
                - [Updated] Wallpaper Changer
        ==> .NET Tip 
                - Execute Commands From C#
        ==> Threads
                - Creating a C++ Thread Class

--> Discussion Groups -- HOT Threads 
        - Function definitions (C++)
        - memset (VC++)
        - MFC: How do you run a function after OnInitDialog? (C++)

--> Highlighted new articles on Developer.com 
        1. Tools, Iterations, and Stories
        2. Custom Pipeline Component for the DB2 Adapter
        3. Application Handling of Database Timeouts and Deadlocks

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Comments from the Editor

This week I'm at DevConnections in Las Vegas. This is a conference that has grown over the last several years. I was told that last year's Connections conferences in Las Vegas had about 3800 people. This year's is stated to be over 5,000 attendees.

While I'm here at the Connections conference, S. "Soma" Somasegar, VP in Microsoft's Developer Division is at TechEd in Barcelona, Spain where he made several announcements. The announcement that many people will find of interest is that Visual Studio 2008 is still on track to release by the end of November and thus should be available as they promised -- before the end of the year. This release does not impact the launch date that is still slated for the end of February 2008.

Soma also announced a number of other items. This includes licensing term changes in Visual Studio 2008, a shared source licensing program, the release of the first Sync Framework CTP (Community Technology Preview), and the availability of Popfly Explorer. These are all related to what Microsoft is referring to as the Microsoft Application Platform

I recently did a quick fly through of what Popfly can do regarding mashups (http://www.internet.com/videos/). The Popfly Explorer works with Visual Studio 2008 and Web Developer Express 2008. This explorer allows you to add Silverlight gadgets to your own Web applications that you previously develop on Popfly as well as publish HTML pages to Popfly.

The Sync Framework CTP was also released. I met with Anthony Carrabino of the Microsoft Data Programmability team regarding online/offline data synchronization and thus this CTP. In short, Microsoft is building functionality in the form of a framework that will make it easy for you to synchronize your data using any protocol, any data type, and any data store.

I also met with Jay Roxe to talk about Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) and Office Business Applications (OBA). With the Visual Studio 2008 release, VSTO functionality and designers will be integrated into the primary Visual Studio products (Professional and above). I'll post some additional information on this to the Codeguru in the next few days.

For more on these announcements, you can check you can check out the Microsoft press release at:


In the mean time, feel free to check out some of the new articles on Codeguru!

Until next week....

Bradley L. Jones

Recently Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading books. The following are just a few of the new books that have been recently released. If you've read any of these, feel free to write a review to be posted on CodeGuru. See the submission guidelines at:


Here are a few new non-programming books:

--> Introducing Silverlight 1.0
      By Laurence Moroney for Microsoft Press
      250 pages for $34.99

--> Pro ASP.NET for SQL Server
      High Performance Data Access for Web Developers
      By Brennan Stehling for Apress
      420 pages for $59.99

--> Windows Vista Home Entertainment
      with Windows media Center and Xbox 360
      By S.E. Slack and Greg Slack for Microsoft Press
      380 pages for $24.99
      Not really a developer book, but I thought I'd list it!

New & Updated Articles on CodeGuru

Following are short descriptions of new articles on CodeGuru. If you are interested in submitting your own article for inclusion on the site, then you will find guidelines located at


This week's CodeGuru posts:

==> Applets

- [Updated] Running Windows XP Control Panel Applets from Visual Basic .NET 2005
    By Hannes du Preez
Discover how to run all the various Control Panel applets from your own program.

==> BizTalk

- Building a BizTalk Pipeline Content Enricher with SQL Server 2005
    By Jeffrey Juday
Learn how to implement the Content Enricher integration pattern using BizTalk 2006 R2 and SQL Server 2005.

==> C++

- Two Cool Things in C++00X: Object Initialization and Move Semantics
    By Victor Volkman
C++0X is coming and with it are new object initialization features and better control over struct/class member alignment.

==> Memory

- Application-Level Memory Management for Memory-Constrained Devices
    By Raveendran Vadakkoot and Neeraj S. Sharma
Discover a faster and better dynamic memory allocation technique for real-time systems.

- [Updated] Fast, Efficient Allocator for Small Blocks of Memory
    By znrobinson
Learn about an approach to allocate small blocks of memory quickly and efficiently.

==> Misc.

- [Updated] Wallpaper Changer
    By Hannes du Preez
Learn how to create an application that changes your wallpapers after a specified period, as well as how to apply the Tile, Center, and Stretch wallpaper styles.

==> .NET Tip

- Execute Commands From C#
    By Jay Miller
Have you ever needed to execute a system command from your application? You can accomplish this easily with C#.

==> Threads

- Creating a C++ Thread Class
    By Walter Capers
Learn how to create a simple platform-independent C++ thread class.

Discussion Groups

Check out the CodeGuru discussion forums at:


Forums include Visual C++, General C++, Visual Basic, Java, General Technology, C#, ASP.NET, XML, Help Wanted,
and much, much, more!


Some of the current threads with the most activity are:

==> Function definitions (C++)

==> memset (VC++)

==> MFC: How do you run a function after OnInitDialog? (C++)

New Articles on Developer.com

Below are some of the new articles that have been posted to Developer.com (http://www.developer.com).

1. Tools, Iterations, and Stories
    By Jeff Langr -
For all the things that tracking tools and iterations are good for in an agile team, teams should focus on delivering completed business value via stories.

2. Custom Pipeline Component for the DB2 Adapter
    By Drew Block -
Discover how to use BizTalk custom pipelines to more effectively pull data from the DB2 adapter.

3. Application Handling of Database Timeouts and Deadlocks
    By Aleksey Shevchenko -
Learn how to minimize the occurrence of database transaction locking and how to handle situations when your database does return error codes that constitute deadlocks and timeouts.


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Bradley L. Jones



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