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November 7, 2006


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--> Editorial -
--> Recently Published Books

--> New on CodeGuru:
   - Articles
        ==> assemblies
                - Using the .NET Fusion API to Manipulate the GAC
        ==> Database
                - Getting Started with SQL Server Service Broker
        ==> Misc
                - PHP versus ASP: Worth the Argument?
        ==> SOA 
                - Preparing for New SOA and BPM Development on the Microsoft Platform
        ==> strings
                - URI Encoding and Decoding

--> Discussion Groups -- HOT Threads 
        - Adding data into a specific file (VC++)
        - Send keyboard message (VC ++)
        - STL compatible iterators (C++)

--> Highlighted new articles on Developer.com 
        1. Forms Validation with CakePHP
        2. Eclipse Tip: Use Extension Tracker to Write Dynamic-Aware Plug-ins
        3. Getting Started with WinARM for Qualcomm BREW

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Comments from the Editor

This week I'm at DevConnections along with about 4699 other people. While the keynote was a bit on the dull side, there was a bit of interesting information being presented. One =announcement that occurred before the keynote was the release of Microsoft Office System 2007 to manufacturing. This RTM means the product is complete and will soon be on its way.

Other information that was announced at this show includes:

- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Released to Manufacturing. This Framework will also be an included part of Vista.

- Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (WCF & WPF), November 2006 CTP available.

- Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office for the 2007 Microsoft Office System released to manufacturing. (Now that is a long product name)

- ASP.NET AJAX Extensions and Microsoft Asynchronous Javascript and XML Library ("Atlas") released as a fully supported Beta 2.

- Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition release candidate released. Also stated by Microsoft was:

- The availability to MSDN. Premium subscribers of the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Windows Vista upon their release to manufacture

These were the key announcements. Over then next day or two, I'm sure you'll read more on each of these. Over the next day or two I'll post additional information on these in the announcements section of Codeguru.

Until then...

Bradley L. Jones

Recently Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading books. The following are just a few of the new books that have been recently released. If you've read any of these, feel free to write a review to be posted on CodeGuru. See the submission guidelines at:


A bit out side the Developer focus, but technology books none-the-less:

--> How to Code .NET
  By Christian Gross for Apress
      240 pages for $24.99 (hardcover)

New & Updated Articles on CodeGuru

Following are short descriptions of new articles on CodeGuru. If you are interested in submitting your own article for inclusion on the site, then you will find guidelines located at


This week's CodeGuru posts:

==== Articles ====

==> assemblies

- Using the .NET Fusion API to Manipulate the GAC
   By Nick Wienholt
Fusion is the code name for the .NET Framework sub-system responsible for locating and loading assemblies. It comes in handy for C++ developers who are working with the GAC.


==> Database

- Getting Started with SQL Server Service Broker
   By Mike Gunderloy
Learn how the Service Broker provides the "plumbing" to let you pass messages between applications, using SQL Server as the transport mechanism.


==> Misc

- PHP versus ASP: Worth the Argument?
   By Paul Avery
Overview, cost, speed, compatibility, security, heritage, and misconceptions all concerning PHP and ASP. Learn how to make a more intelligent choice between them.


==> SOA

- Preparing for New SOA and BPM Development on the Microsoft Platform

By Jeffrey Juday
An attendee at Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference 2006 gives you the inside scoop on preparing your organization to utilize the new Microsoft SOA and BPM development products.


==> strings

- URI Encoding and Decoding
   By jinq0123
Learn about fast and portable URI encoding and decoding functions that use std::string as the argument and return type, and do the buffer conversion, including '\0'.


Discussion Groups

Check out the CodeGuru discussion forums at:


Forums include Visual C++, General C++, Visual Basic, Java, General Technology, C#, ASP.NET, XML, Help Wanted, and much, much, more!


Some of the current threads with the most activity are:

==> Adding data into a specific file (VC++)

==> Send keyboard message (VC ++)

==> STL compatible iterators (C++)

New Articles on Developer.com

Below are some of the new articles that have been posted to Developer.com (http://www.developer.com).

1. Forms Validation with CakePHP
    By Jason Gilmore -
Frameworks such as CakePHP can handle even the most tedious aspects of web application development, user input validation included.


2. Eclipse Tip: Use Extension Tracker to Write Dynamic-Aware Plug-ins
    By Peter Nehrer -
Extensions and Extension Points lie at the core of Eclipse extensibility and customizability. See what they can do for you.


3. Getting Started with WinARM for Qualcomm BREW
    By Ray Rischpater -
Doing BREW development on a tight budget? Want to use a quality compiler for a minimal outlay of effort? Look no further than WinARM, the GCC-based tool chain for ARM processors.



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