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November 29, 2005


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--> Editorial -

--> Recently Published Books

--> New Articles on CodeGuru: 
                - Use Custom HTTP Handlers in Your ASP.NET Applications
        ==> Database
                - XML Queries and Indexing in SQL Server 2005
        ==> Design
                - Practice for Designing Web Applications
        ==> Dialogs
                - MessageBox with Custom Button Captions
        ==> Events
                - Event Dispatching: One Size Doesn't Fit All
        ==> OpenGL
                - Setting Up OpenGL in an MFC Control
        ==> Threads
                - A Simple Thread Pooling Approach

--> Discussion Groups -- HOT Threads
- Bitmap in CStatic (Working with Bitmaps)
        - Factorial (homework and recursion debate)
        - Query:print an ms-access table

--> Highlighted new articles on Developer.com
1. A General-Purpose LMS Adaptive Engine in Java
        2. Object-level Access Control in Applications
        3. Getting Started with Windows Communication Foundation Transactions

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Comments from the Editor

You have to give it to Microsoft. The way to combat open source is to use things such as shared source and standards. Their newest parlay is with the submission of the Office Open XML file format technology to the Ecma International standards board. Last week Microsoft submitted the Office Open XML file format  for standardization. This is the format Microsoft intends to use as the default for the next release of Office ("Office 12"). For more on the submission to Ecma, see an interview at:


If you are in Europe, then you are only days away from the launch of the Xbox 360 planned for December 2nd there. ExtremeTech reported that 300,000 units should be available in Europe for the launch. In the US, many people are still waiting for their Xbox 360s that are on backorder. Most stores are sold out of the units. Additionally, reports are starting to come in about overheating and other minor issues. Regardless of the issues, overall reactions that I've seen have been  very positive for the new consoles.

Of course, I'm still waiting to see how long it takes someone to hack a 360 so that it can be used as a regular PC!

Until next week!

Bradley L. Jones

Recently Published Books

For those of you keeping up by reading books. The following are just a few of the new books that have been recently released. If you've read any of these, feel free to write a review to be posted on CodeGuru. See the submission guidelines at: http://www.codeguru.com/review-guidelines.php

--> Build a Program Now!
      Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition
      By Patrice Pelland for Microsoft Press
      220 pages for $16.99
      This is a four color book with a CD that contains Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. This is a great, cheap book for someone new to Visual Basic and/or programming. It is also an inexpensive way to get the Express Edition of VB if you don't want to download it.

--> Pro SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service
      By Landrum and Voytek II for Apress
      400 pages for $39.99

--> Java Messaging
      By Eric Bruno for Charles River Media
      480 pages with a CD for $44.95

New & Updated Articles on CodeGuru

Following are short descriptions of new articles on CodeGuru. If you are interested in submitting your own article for inclusion on the site, then you will find guidelines located at http://nl.internet.com/ct.html?rtr=on&s=1,2266,1,fka1,909i,jorm,i5r0

This week's posted CodeGuru articles:


- Use Custom HTTP Handlers in Your ASP.NET Applications
   By Mark Strawmyer
Explore the built-in ASP.NET HTTP handlers and then learn how to create your own custom handlers. When you're done, you'll be able to enable special handling within your Web applications.


==> Database

- XML Queries and Indexing in SQL Server 2005
   By Mike Gunderloy
For the first time, SQL Server 2005 offers a native XML data type. See how you can store and query XML documents as part of a SQL Server table, and how to use XML indexes to make queries against these columns more efficient.


==> Design

- Practice for Designing Web Applications
   By Ezhilan
Discover a practice that can be used when designing a Web application. It will make the application more robust, scalable, and maintainable.


==> Dialogs

- MessageBox with Custom Button Captions
   By Miguel Schindler
Windows message boxes do not provide a standard interface for modifying button captions. Learn how to make the caption changes.


==> Events

- Event Dispatching: One Size Doesn't Fit All
   By Radu Braniste
Discover the possible implementations of a type safe event dispatching mechanism, based on the Multicast pattern, in the context of single-layered and multilayered receptors.


==> OpenGL

- Setting Up OpenGL in an MFC Control
   By bfowle
Learn how set up an OpenGL rendering context inside an MFC control and make use of the timers MFC has to offer.


==> Threads

- A Simple Thread Pooling Approach
   By Raghupathy Srinivasan
Learn about a simple mechanism to achieve thread pooling by using Windows messages.


Discussion Groups

Check out the CodeGuru discussion forums at:


Forums include Visual C++, General C++, Visual Basic, Java, General Technology, C#, ASP.NET, XML, Help Wanted, and much, much, more!


Some of the current threads with the most activity are:

==> Bitmap in CStatic (Working with Bitmaps)

==> Factorial (homework and recursion debate)

==> Query:print an ms-access table

New Articles on Developer.com

Below are some of the new articles that have been posted to Developer.com (http://www.developer.com).

1. A General-Purpose LMS Adaptive Engine in Java
    By Richard G. Baldwin -
Learn how to write a general-purpose LMS (Least-Mean Squares) adaptive engine in Java then see how to demonstrate the use of the engine for three different adaptive programs of increasing complexity.


2. Object-level Access Control in Applications
    By Chad Cook -
Granular access control should be applied at many levels within an application.from user and network interaction all the way down to the individual objects that may contain critical data. Learn about the importance of object-level access control and presents architectural concepts surrounding Role Based Access Control to manage the security of data within applications.


3. Getting Started with Windows Communication Foundation Transactions
    By Laurence Moroney (From DevX.com) -
Transactions aren't just for database applications any more.  Using the unified transaction system in the Windows Communication Foundation, you can create transactable services not only for database applications, but for messaging, workflow, and other types of applications as well.



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