The State of Tech Recruiting and What It Means for You

As we head into 2013, we had a chance to talk with Sandi St. John, Senior Manager, HR Recruiting, Asynchrony about the state of tech recruiting and what this means for companies and job applicants. 

CODEGURU.COM: Sandi, what changes do you see on the horizon for recruiting tech employees?

SANDI: Less contracting work and more direct hires means even more competition for local talent. Companies are moving at rapid speeds to conduct interviews and process offers.

CG.COM: What is the outlook for tech jobs for the coming year?

SANDI: There is a lack of talented people really looking to make a change.

CG.COM: What tech jobs are most in demand?

SANDI: Mobile, Java and .Net Developers, Security, Cloud.

CG.COM: What are you seeing with regards to the “right” candidates for open positions?

SANDI: Some of the top-level candidates might have multiple offers to choose from if they have the right mix of education, experience, and job skill set.

CG.COM: Are there a lot in the candidate pool to choose from?

SANDI: Yes, and the truly qualified ones want to do contracting work on behalf of a company that represents multiple clients and projects rather than solely doing internal corporate work.

CG.COM: What are employers doing to try and separate themselves from other companies looking for the same type of new hire?

SANDI: Lower cost for healthcare and sign-on bonuses. At Asynchrony, we offer an agile environment that many IT people enjoy.

CG.COM: Are there any new strategies you foresee companies taking this year over last year?

SANDI: More companies are offering work from home opportunities.

CG.COM: Any changes in recruiting methods?

SANDI: Less meeting out-of-town candidates face-to face, more Skype, selling company benefits and growth opportunities are stronger than ever.

CG.COM: Any new HR benefits to attract candidates?

SANDI: Stronger bonus programs, flex time, and agile environment.

CG.COM: What does a comprehensive social media strategy for tech recruiting look like in 2013?

SANDI: We use everything we can to get the word out, such as St. Louis Information Tech groups, LinkedIn Recruiter, Twitter, Bullhorn, Facebook.

CG.COM: Do you have any advice for students in college interested in a career in tech?

SANDI: Complete an internship at a corporation as it will help your marketability. Asynchrony offers paid internship programs with options to convert to full-time employment after graduation. Also, researching free online learning tools to enhance (your) knowledge base can be beneficial.

CG.COM: What about established veterans in the workforce? What should they consider if they’re looking to advance their career with a new company?

SANDI: Stay current on technology, have a proper written resume and don’t just assume because you’re senior level your resume doesn’t matter. Understand that years of experience doesn’t always mean higher pay. Skill set has everything to do with pay and marketability.

CG.COM: What avenues do you find most successful to reach out to potential job applicants?

SANDI: A large network of passive candidates, social media, networking, and job boards.

CG.COM: How does recruiting and corporate branding tie together?

SANDI: Branding is very important. It’s important to get the word out about your company and get people talking about it so they want to come and work for you.

Sandi St. John is the Senior Manager, HR Recruiting at Asynchrony ( of St. Louis, a leader in software development.   Sandi has 19 years of experience in the IT industry, spending the first 11 years as a Technical IT Business/Systems Analyst and the most recent 8 years in Recruiting.  For questions, email Sandi at


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