Export Makefile

Here's a handy Developer Studio macro that I wrote to export a makefile from a Visual C++ V5.0 project (.DSP) file. We had a bunch of batch files that we use to build a software project; these broke when V5.0 moved from the .MAK file to the .DSP file. This macro writes a .MAK file usable by the NMAKE command. Instructions for installation and use are appended.

Installing the macro:

  1. Create a file "ExportMakefile.dsm" using the code at the end of this article and copy to the \ProgramFiles\DevStudio\SharedIDE\Macros directory.
  2. Start Visual C++ (Developer Studio), select the Tools->Customize menu item, select the "Add-ins and Macro Files" tab, click the check box next to ExportMakefile, then click the Close pushbutton.

Using the macro:

Invoke the macro at a command line prompt via:

	MSDEV [/nologo] project.DSP /Execute ExportMakefile

Then you can invoke the makefile via NMAKE /f project.MAK.

Note: If your project has already been opened by Developer Studio (i.e., if a .DSW file already exists in the same directory as the .DSP file), Developer Studio will display a dialog box that requires you to click on "OK". I haven't figured out if there's a way to suppress that dialog.

(Editors note: try renaming the DSW file before generating the MAK file then restoring it after the build.)

'FILE: ExportMakefile.dsm
'FILE DESCRIPTION: Exports a makefile from a project and exits Visual Studio
Sub ExportMakefile
   Application.Visible = False
   Application.ExecuteCommand "BuildProjectExport"
   Documents.SaveAll True
   Application.ExecuteCommand "WorkspaceClose"
end Sub

Updated 21 March 1998