Simple VC++ DHTML Hooking Technique

Environment: VC6 SP4, ie5, ie5-lib

This example demonstrates how to access DHTML object model and how to intercept the DHTML element events, it also demonstrates how to use connectionpoint with MFC. The demo program first loads up a sample html page containing two button elements and a listbox element. Then it accesses a button element DHTML object and intercepts its Click, DoubleClick, MouseMove, MouseOver, MouseDown, MouseUp events. After the program intercepts an event, it records the event information to a ListBox element on sample html page. The example is showing that MSHTML is very useful for internet and web programming. I hope this example provides some help for any one who want to use MSHTML library. (You need to download ie5_lib or a later IE library to compile the demo project)


Download demo project - 48 Kb