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A Tab Control - VB5/6

Create your own tab control without using the common controls or the Windows API. (Added: 4-Apr-2000)

An Owner Drawn Calendar Control VB5/6

Create your own professional calendar control in VB5/6. Completely customizable with many different styles. (Added: 4-Apr-2000)

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  • The hard facts on SaaS adoption in over 80,000 enterprises: Public vs. private companies Mid-market vs. large enterprise GoogleApps, Office365, Salesforce & more Why security is a growing concern Fill out the form to download the full cloud adoption report.

  • On-demand Event Event Date: October 29, 2014 It's well understood how critical version control is for code. However, its importance to DevOps isn't always recognized. The 2014 DevOps Survey of Practice shows that one of the key predictors of DevOps success is putting all production environment artifacts into version control. In this webcast, Gene Kim discusses these survey findings and shares woeful tales of artifact management gone wrong! Gene also shares examples of how high-performing DevOps …

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