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A Tipple with a Tuple

Fear not, Tuple lovers. This much-maligned data type is still in use today.

Web Developers: Are Your Sites Using HTTPS?

Web sites that need certificates, the secure ones running under HTTPS, are quickly becoming the standard. Get ready to use certificates.

.NET Back to Basics: The Array Class

With facilities to search, copy, extract segments, and more, the array class can handle pretty much any task you need to perform with ease.

Beginning C#: Making Decisions

It's true. An if statement can help you determine whether a statement is correct.

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  • Today's enterprise datacenter can be one of the most complex business environments with dozens (for smaller business), hundreds (for larger and midsize business), even thousands (for hyperscale businesses) of servers that must be managed and monitored. At this level, just managing the cords can be challenging — let alone keeping up with the growing need for more agility and scalability within the datacenter. Simply put, companies are aggressively looking for less complexity and more agility from their …

  • The future of cloud platforms is at hand. Even if your cloud applications are basic now, your next set of apps will require strong analytics services and tools, as well as features that ease enterprise integration. To fill these needs, consider using not only your current cloud provider but also specialists. Take advantage of not only the big cloud platforms, but also specialized providers in vertical industries; countries and regions; and functional domains including omnichannel, analytics, integration, and …

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