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VB.NET and Videos: Playing a Video through XNA GameStudio 4.0

99% of Microsoft samples and web resources are created for C#. If a VB developer wants to learn something new he has to figure it out for himself. Read on to learn how complicated it is just to get the right tools for the job.

Serializing & Deserializing Objects with VB.NET 2012

There are many ways to serialize data; you can serialize info into and from the registry; you can store and load info from a database, or from a file. Hannes du Preez shows you how to save info to an XML file and load it from that XML file.

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  • Today's agile organizations pose operations teams with a tremendous challenge: to deploy new releases to production immediately after development and testing is completed. To ensure that applications are deployed successfully, an automatic and transparent process is required. We refer to this process as Zero Touch Deployment™. This white paper reviews two approaches to Zero Touch Deployment--a script-based solution and a release automation platform. The article discusses how each can solve the key …

  • The hard facts on SaaS adoption in over 80,000 enterprises: Public vs. private companies Mid-market vs. large enterprise GoogleApps, Office365, Salesforce & more Why security is a growing concern Fill out the form to download the full cloud adoption report.

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