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Microsoft Unveils Their New Office 365 Line of Products

Geared toward Midsize and Small Businesses, Microsoft has finalized their Office 365 brand of products with an offering of three additional methods of purchasing the suite of products.

Foundation 4 Goes Mobile-First with Zepto

Zurb announces the release of Foundation 4, the smartest foundation to date. Completely rewritten from a mobile-first point of view.  

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  • Agile development principles have gone from something used only by cutting-edge teams to a mainstream approach used by teams large and small. If you're not using agile methods already though, or if you've only been exposed to agile on small projects here and there, you may wonder if agile can ever work in your environment. Read this eBook to learn the fundamentals of agile and how to increase the productivity of your software teams while enabling them to produce higher-quality solutions that better fulfill …

  • With 81% of employees using their phones at work, companies have stopped asking: "Is corporate data leaking from personal devices?" and started asking: "How do we effectively prevent corporate data from leaking from personal devices?" The answer has not been simple. ZixOne raises the bar on BYOD security by not allowing email data to reside on the device. In addition, Zix allows employees to maintain complete control of their personal device, therefore satisfying privacy demands of valued employees and the …

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