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Nokia Unveils Asha SDK for the Asha OS

In another move to attract more developers Nokia has just released their new Software Development Kit, Asha 501.

The Future of iPad iOS 7 Mouse Support and the Surface

As Microsoft has discovered, device needs to support a range of input types, keyboard, mouse, touch, gestures and even voice, more importantly, it needs to allow them to select the input that they choose.

Microsoft Announces the Date for Windows 8.1 Launch

Microsoft today announces that Oct. 18 will be the launch date for Windows 8.1, the update, which will be free for to registered users offers high hopes for the software giant.

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  • The first phase of API management was about realizing the business value of APIs. This next wave of API management enables the hyper-connected enterprise to drive and scale their businesses as API models become more complex and sophisticated. Today, real world product launches begin with an API program and strategy in mind. This API-first approach to development will only continue to increase, driven by an increasingly interconnected web of devices, organizations, and people. To support this rapid growth, …

  • Live Event Date: September 10, 2014 @ 11:00 a.m. ET / 8:00 a.m. PT Modern mobile applications connect systems-of-engagement (mobile apps) with systems-of-record (traditional IT) to deliver new and innovative business value. But the lifecycle for development of mobile apps is also new and different. Emerging trends in mobile development call for faster delivery of incremental features, coupled with feedback from the users of the app "in the wild". This loop of continuous delivery and continuous feedback is …

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