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Codeguru Update eNewsletter - April 22nd, 2008

Get the latest articles, news, and information from around Codeguru for the week prior to April 22nd. This week's editorial - are you a Visual Basic .NET developer carrying around VB 6 baggage?

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  • This paper introduces IBM Java on the IBM PowerLinux 7R2 server and describes IBM's implementation of the Java platform, which includes IBM's Java Virtual Machine and development toolkit.

  • The explosion in mobile devices and applications has generated a great deal of interest in APIs. Today's businesses are under increased pressure to make it easy to build apps, supply tools to help developers work more quickly, and deploy operational analytics so they can track users, developers, application performance, and more. Apigee Edge provides comprehensive API delivery tools and both operational and business-level analytics in an integrated platform. It is available as on-premise software or through …

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