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Tapping the Juice UI with ASP.NET

The downside of the jQuery UI from an ASP.NET perspective is that it is purely a client side library. ASP.NET web forms often rely on server side processing, and configuring the jQuery UI widgets can become tedious in such cases. Bipin Joshi gives you a quick overview of Juice UI components and shows how they can be used in ASP.NET Web Forms applications.

Applying AJAX to your ASP.NET Web Sites Using jQuery

With more and more web applications making use of jQuery and AJAX based techniques for communicating with the server, it's important for developers to have good grasp of jQuery AJAX techniques that can be used in ASP.NET. jQuery offers a variety of ways to make AJAX calls to the server. Read on to learn more.

Working with Asynchronous Operations in ASP.NET MVC

To improve the overall performance and responsiveness of your ASP.NET MVC application, you may wish to execute the code asynchronously. This article discusses both server-side and client-side scenarios and shows how to create asynchronous controllers and use the SessionState attribute.

Using Areas in ASP.NET MVC Application

A large application often consists of functionally independent modules, which can make organizing the various models, views and controllers tedious. Bipih Joshi shows you how to split your application in what is known as Areas and how Areas are used in an ASP.NET MVC application.

Confirming Delete Operations in ASP.NET MVC

Seeking confirmation of some important action such as deleting a record is a common practice in web applications. This article illustrates how to implement either a dialog box or a separate confirmation page for user confirmation in ASP.NET MVC.

Implementing AutoPostBack in ASP.NET MVC

The AutoPostBack feature is a handy way to refresh a page when data being displayed depends on the selection made in a DropDownList. Learn how to add this feature programmatically to ASP.NET MVC applications that rely on HTML to render the DropDownList.

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