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  • Rocket Mobile® for IBM i is an enterprise mobile application development and deployment platform for customers who rely on the IBM i system. Rocket Mobile for IBM i enables customers to leave proven applications in-place and rapidly repurpose them into new managed and secure mobile applications. Fast, easy creation of mobile, web, and hybrid mobile applications that deploy to any iOS, Android, or Windows mobile phone or tablet Built-in integration for seamless repurposing of existing IBM i applications …

  • The Internet was a 20th century blessing, and one which continues to provide transformational benefits in the 21st century. The Internet is no less significant in transforming the world economy than the sextant or steam engine. However, the benefit of the Internet has brought with it a dark side; a side that is regularly illuminated by high profile data breaches, whose names include Home Depot, Target and RSA. The reality of today's Internet is that cyber threats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. …

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