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  • Providing a great customer experience has emerged as the holy grail of competitive advantage. And more than just efficiency, operational metrics and the "acceptable level of service" that contact centers have focused on for decades, the leap from good service to a great experience requires a different journey. Richard Snow of Ventana Research and Karina Howell of Interactive Intelligence guide you through this journey. Read what these two authorities on the customer experience have to say.

  • In recent years, cloud computing has been as visible as any topic in IT. Its front-page news status has been accelerated by Amazon,, Yahoo, and Microsoft®, among other firms, aggressively vying for leadership in providing cloud infrastructure or services. However, this race for mindshare has obscured cloud computing facts. Many admit to the haze surrounding cloud computing. This white paper separates fact from fiction, reality from myth, and, in doing so, will aide senior IT executives as …

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