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Where is Office?

Versions of Office removed from Microsoft's Online store

Glovia ERP Solutions Now Supports SQL Server 2012

This week Glovia International announced that its upcoming release of Glovia G2 will include support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Glovia G2 will be poised to take advantage of the advanced features of SQL Server 2012, including contained database, change data capture and interactive data exploration.

Windows 8 Inevitably Includes Improvements to Visual Basic

If asked about Windows 8's primary theme, most developers would say that the ability to use the OS across multiple devices and platforms, such as smartphones and tablets all the way to desktop PCs, is of primary importance. The new Metro mode that will be available in Windows 8 will work on all of the various platforms, while the desktop mode will only work across platforms which support it.

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MFC Integration with the Windows Transactional File System (TxF)

The Transactional File System (TxF), which allows access to an NTFS file system to be conducted in a transacted manner through extensions to the Windows SDK API. MFC 10, has been extended to support TxF and related technologies. This support allows existing MFC applications to be easily extended to support kernel transactions.

LINQ to Objects Refresher

LINQ is not only for database access; it’s useful in all manner of scenarios. Read this quick refresher to learn more.

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  • Live Event Date: August 20, 2014 @ 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT When you look at natural user interfaces as a developer, it isn't just fun and games. There are some very serious, real-world usage models of how things can help make the world a better place – things like Intel® RealSense™ technology. Check out this upcoming eSeminar and join the panel of experts, both from inside and outside of Intel, as they discuss how natural user interfaces will likely be getting adopted in a wide variety …

  • Savvy enterprises are discovering that the cloud holds the power to transform IT processes and support business objectives. IT departments can use the cloud to redefine the continuum of development and operations—a process that is becoming known as DevOps. Download the Executive Brief DevOps: Why IT Operations Managers Should Care About the Cloud—prepared by Frost & Sullivan and sponsored by IBM—to learn how IBM SmartCloud Application services provide a robust platform that streamlines …

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