App Hub: Windows Phone 7 Application Submission Walkthrough


Now that you have seen how easy it is to make applications for the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) platform and have a few applications ready to be tried out, let's explore that process for getting these apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Like the Apple App Store, all applications for Windows Phone 7 go through the Windows Phone Marketplace. To get the application into the marketplace, the application needs to meet certain certification requirements which are publicly available at

Once you have an application created which meets these requirements, you can begin the process of submitting the application for the marketplace.

You will need the following before you begin the process of submission:

  • Developer Account at App Hub ( previously known as Windows Phone Developer Zone. You must be registered as a developer (the cost of registering is $99 for the first year).
  • Application title and description
  • Application Art
  • XAP file of the application being submitted
  • The price you want to charge for your application

To begin the application submission process, you need to navigate to and log in using your Windows Live Account (if you have not done so already).

Log into your Windows Live account
Figure 1

Enter the name of the application, the platform it will run on, the default language of its application and the version. To upload your XAP file, click the "+" sign and select your file.

If you need a technical exception, you will be allowed to check a box and provide justification for your request.

Click Next and you are prompted with the screen to provide more information about the application.

 the screen to provide more information about the application
Figure 2

The application title is how your application will show up in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Make sure to select a name which is intuitive enough for the user community to remember.

If your application is a game and you have a certification for it, you can specify the ESRP rating it has received. Since only 5 keywords are allowed, be smart about your keyword choices.

Wp7 keyword choices
Figure 3

To ensure you have the best possible artwork for your application, you can follow the guidelines laid out at

The large mobile app tile is the image displayed when the app tile is pinned to Start on the phone.

The small mobile app tile is the image displayed in the App list.

Once you provide the art work and click Next, you get to choose how much "moolah" you can make.

provide the art work and click Next
Figure 4

If your application supports Trial mode, you have to check the option on the screen. If you do not want your application to be available across the world, you can disable "world distribution".

Once you set the price and click Next, you are ready to submit your application for certification.

submit your application for certification
Figure 5

You can choose to have your application automatically published to the Marketplace if it passes certification. Click "Submit for certification" and you are done.


I hope you have enjoyed this look at the application submission process for the Windows Phone marketplace.

About the Author

Vipul Vipul Patel

Vipul Patel is a Software Engineer currently working at Microsoft Corporation, working in the Office Communications Group and has worked in the .NET team earlier in the Base Class libraries and the Debugging and Profiling team. He can be reached at


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