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  • Employees must exchange sensitive emails with customers and partners. These emails might contain protected health information, protected financial information, or corporate information that should not be made public. Globalscape® Mail Express® allows you to encrypt the emails that it manages so that no one but the sender and recipient--not even the administrator--can view the contents of the email. "Secure the Transfer of Sensitive Emails" is the property of GlobalSCAPE

  • On-demand Event Event Date: April 16, 2015 How can you measure the value of flash storage? Sure, you can consider speeds and feeds – performance metrics, latency data, downtime versus uptime – but have you considered the value it brings to the business as a whole? Check out this webcast to hear the stories of real-world customers who have seen flash transform their businesses, from IT budget, employee productivity, and much more. You'll also learn how you can calculate the TCO of all-flash for …

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