RAMDISK Version 1.0 for Windows 2000/Windows XP

Environment: Windows 2000/XP, VS.NET, XP-DDK

This software consists of a RAM disk driver (RAMDisk.sys), an Installer/Property sheet provider (RAMDisk.dll), and an installation file (RAMDisk.inf), which together form an installable RAM disk on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

The driver is almost identical to the Microsoft sample driver (See KB Article Q257405). The installer/property sheet provider DLL, however, adds additional possibilities to change the drive letter and disk size in a more user-friendly way, using the device manager. This makes this package almost mature enough to concur with other RAM disk products on the market.

To install the driver on Windows 2000, follow these steps :

  1. In Control Panel, double-click to start the Add/Remove Hardware utility.
  2. Select Add/Troubleshoot a device.
  3. Select Add a new device.
  4. Select No, I want to select the hardware from a list.
  5. Select Other devices, and then click Next.
  6. Click the Have Disk button and point to the folder that contains the RAMDisk.inf file.

To install the driver on Windows XP, follow these steps :

  1. In Control Panel, double-click to start the Add/Remove Hardware utility.
  2. Select Add a new hardware device.
  3. Select Yes, I have already connected the hardware. Click Next.
  4. Select Add a new device.
  5. Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list. Click Next.
  6. Select Show All Devices.
  7. Select the Have Disk button and point to the folder that contains the RAMDisk.inf file.
  8. Select Next, Next, Finish.

Let the PC reboot if Windows asks for it. Note that this may not always be the case.

The Property Page provider allows you to change the drive letter and/or size of the RAM disk without rebooting. To change the drive size and/or drive letter, follow these steps :

  1. Select System (Properties).
  2. Within System Properties, select Device Manager.
  3. Expand RAM Disk; select Ramdisk [QSoft] and click the right mouse button.
  4. Select Properties; select Ram Disk Properties.
  5. Select an appropriate drive letter and/or a disk size.
  6. Click OK.

On Windows 2000, you may open the Device Manager by selecting subsequently "My Computer --> Properties --> Hardware".

ATTENTION: The content of the RAM disk is LOST after changing the disk size and/or drive letter!

It may happen that the RAM disk is not properly functioning anymore after you increased the disk size, due to lack of contiguous memory space. In this case, you may need to reboot your PC or fall back to a lower disk size to resolve the problem. The default drive letter used during installation is B:. You may change this default after installation, according your own needs.

The "RAMDISK_inst.zip" contains the necessary installation files for the RAM disk driver Version 1.0. RAMDISK_src.zip contains the sources of this software. It allows you to freely modify and rebuild the binaries using Visual Studio.NET and the Windows DDK for XP, build 2600. Both the driver and the installer are extended with a lot of trace outputs to learn how the OS interacts with these binaries. The Installer sources demonstrate also show how you can use basic MFC functions (CString , CArray, ...) within a Driver Property Sheet Provider.

If you used the original Microsoft RAMDisk sample (Q257405), you have to uninstall it first before installing this version. It is also recommended to delete the Driver Class from the Registry for the MS Sample Driver by deleting the next entries and their sub-keys:



Also, search within the %SYSTEMROOT%\Inf for the original *.inf file that contains the text "ClassGuid={78A1C341-4539-11d3-B88D-00C04FAD5171}" and delete this *.inf file.


Download installation files - 651 Kb
Download source - 256 Kb


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  • Hybrid Ram Disk www.realramdisk.com

    Posted by chenyj on 02/10/2006 02:43am

    It might be easier and safer to use hardware implementation hybrid ram disk like one listed in www.realramdisk.com

  • setup file

    Posted by keshu82_sh on 07/27/2005 07:07am

    hi, can u tell me how i make a setup file for INF file(i mean setup.exe). keshu

  • I can not install RAMDisk 1.0 and 2.2

    Posted by snoopy_chen on 04/12/2005 03:54am

    Somebody can help me ? my e-mail address is snoopy_chen693@yahoo.com.tw

    • Installation ....

      Posted by CGhijselinck on 04/13/2005 02:17am

      Follow *exactly* the same installation procedure that is described to install the shareware version !

  • I can not install RAMDisk 1.0 ...

    Posted by snoopy_chen on 04/12/2005 03:23am

    I had download the RAMDisk 1.0 on my XP , but I can not install it ... Somebody can help me ?

    • Use version 2.2. ( version )

      Posted by CGhijselinck on 04/13/2005 02:14am

      Go to http://www.ramdisk.tk and try the "free" version Sources are available too.

  • Free RAMDisk Version 2.2 and 'Extended' Versions available at http://www.ramdisk.tk

    Posted by CGhijselinck on 02/27/2004 03:00am

    If http://www.ramdisk.tk cannot be accessed, try one of the mirror sites at : http://users.compaqnet.be/cn181612/RAMDisk/RAMDisk.htm http://home.tiscali.be/tisc1234/RAMDisk/RAMDisk.htm http://users.skynet.be/mysoft/RAMDisk/RAMDisk.htm

  • Is it possible to use ramdisk for windows swap file?

    Posted by Legacy on 01/15/2004 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Marc

    Is this possible? I think windows xp would work alot faster if you could use a ramdrive for the swap.


    • Obviously ignorant

      Posted by Rick-guru on 01/23/2006 11:36pm

      The question was "Is this possible?" Something helpful: XP can only use 2GB of physical RAM so the only time it would be beneficial to do this is when you have more then 2GB. I now have 4GB and notice great improvements in the XP response time when I create a 2GB RAM drive from the upper 2 GB and use it as swap space. If I turn off the swap file the system slows to a crawl. If I use a large swap file XP starts swapping after 2GB are used and leaves the other 2GB free and un-utilized. Smoke that.

    • Painfully obvious

      Posted by bugmenotbugmenot on 11/23/2005 05:51am

      Or you can just turn the swap file off and stick to the memory you have in-system, which accomplishes the same task with much less overhead and inconvenience. I'd like a little of whatever Rick is smoking, too.

    • RAMdisk and Swap File

      Posted by Rick-guru on 04/08/2005 08:13am

      it's absolutely possible...there are free ram discs from microsoft, as well as after market ram discs from second party comapanies...this idea has been experimented with by ms to no avail, and the notion was discarded as a perfomance liability. here's why; the ram disc will take the ram out of memory use whatever ram you allocate to the ram disc the os will obviously allow smaller working sets for all your apps since it has less ram to work with. (if you didn't know this, the more ram you have, the bigger the working sets allocated to your useage...more features are available in any given program to people that have more ram...wherefore, if you have a gig of ram, you are using more ram then I am with 512) also, you will obviously need to access the pagefile sooner, since you have less available ram for use then you would have without the ram disc you are using ram to store ram information...think about that...pretty rediculous. now, there are people that have found benefit to a ram disc, though as a whole the os will slow down. you see, when you minimize a window, xp assumes you will not be coming back to that window for a while. it will agressively release the working sets of minimized windows, and when you maximize, say a half hour later, the window will have to be paged in. a ram disc will circumvent that strategy, as pagining back in will come from the ram disc. so, some people like this; however, the proper way to handle this strategy is to simply not minimize windows that you want the ram information to remain resisident. as long as you don't minimize, the working set is not aggressively relesed. this is a tool that most people do not realize is available to xp you can actually release the ram of programs that you want to leave open, but don't think you'll access in a while, simply by minimizing the program. Rick-guru rick@lunarbytes.com

    • RAMdisk and Swap File

      Posted by ameyvprabhu on 10/28/2004 06:17am

      U idiot Swap is used coz' memory is not enough(virtual memory) Why the **** u want to use this virtual memory in RAM?

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