Deleting a Directory Along with Sub-Folders


First of all, let me tell you that this is my first contribution to CodeGuru although I have been programming in C++ for more than five years now. Having said that, I think, I have good reasons to keep my first article short, simple, and for beginners.

Deleting a Directory Structure

The Windows API RemoveDirectory() function deletes an existing empty directory. If the directory is not empty, the function fails with a return value of zero. But most of the time, when you call a function for removing a directory, what you want is to delete the directory structure completely—including all files and sub-folders in it.

If you want this ability, here's the DeleteDirectory() function to acheive it.

Source Code

BOOL DeleteDirectory(const TCHAR* sPath) {
   HANDLE hFind;    // file handle
   WIN32_FIND_DATA FindFileData;

   TCHAR FileName[MAX_PATH];

   _tcscat(DirPath,"\\*");    // searching all files

   // find the first file
   hFind = FindFirstFile(DirPath,&FindFileData);
   if(hFind == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) return FALSE;

   bool bSearch = true;
   while(bSearch) {    // until we find an entry
      if(FindNextFile(hFind,&FindFileData)) {
         if(IsDots(FindFileData.cFileName)) continue;
         if((FindFileData.dwFileAttributes &

            // we have found a directory, recurse
            if(!DeleteDirectory(FileName)) {
                return FALSE;    // directory couldn't be deleted
            // remove the empty directory
         else {
            if(FindFileData.dwFileAttributes &
               // change read-only file mode
                  _chmod(FileName, _S_IWRITE);
                  if(!DeleteFile(FileName)) {    // delete the file
                    return FALSE;
      else {
         // no more files there
         if(GetLastError() == ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES)
         bSearch = false;
         else {
            // some error occurred; close the handle and return FALSE
               return FALSE;


   FindClose(hFind);                  // close the file handle

   return RemoveDirectory(sPath);     // remove the empty directory


The DeleteDirectory() function uses a small companion IsDot() for checking '.' and '..' directory entries.

BOOL IsDots(const TCHAR* str) {
   if(_tcscmp(str,".") && _tcscmp(str,"..")) return FALSE;
   return TRUE;


DeleteDirectory() is a recursive function that navigates through a directory structure using the FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile() APIs. If it finds a file, it deletes it. On the other hand, if it finds a directory entry, it just calls itself to recursively delete the directory. It returns TRUE on success and FALSE on failure.

That's all there's to it.

About the Author

Feroz Zahid

Feroz Zahid has been programming in C/C++ for more than five years now. His experience includes Visual Basic, MFC, ATL, Managed C++ and Client/Server development. He has a strong taste of server side programming using PHP. He is based in Karachi, Pakistan and works as a freelance programmer. Feroz Zahid can be reached at ferozzahid [_at_] usa [_dot_] com.


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    Posted by Elie on 08/06/2012 06:14am

    I've got a question, On line 32, you called RemoveDirectory(FileName) which was already called on line 62. I don't understand why

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