Using HtmlView apart from Tecno Preview

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In the upcoming Visual C++ 6.0, we'll have a view class wrapper for the Internet Explorer, providing us with an html view.
While waiting for VC6.0, we can have the HtmlView downloading the huge Tecno Preview from Microsoft.
For those of you who needs, of all the Tecno Preview, only the HtmlView, I've "ported" it here. In the demo there is a CHView class which is basically the CHtmlView from tecno preview.

How to use it

You simply need to add the CHView files (ViewH.cpp and ViewH.h files) to your project; then copy the directory "fromTecno" of the project in yours and add to your project the fromTecno\uuid.lib file.
You'll need the 2 files in the fromTecno directory or the app won't compile (they are from the tecno preview).
You'll also need to provide the command identifier for the HtmlView basic functions, ID_WEBBACK, ID_WEBFORWARD, .. look at the CHView message map); a fast way is to delete the IDR_MAINFRAME toolbar of your app and put the one of the demo instead.
Then derive manually the CView based view of your project from the CHView (use search / replace for CView to CHView in your view header and cpp files).

I added to the CHView a CString variable, csHomePage, holding the "homepage" to be opened at start; in the demo, I puttet this article you are reading in the "html" directory; to find the right path, I get the startup directory in the app OnInitInstance, put it in a global CString csAppDir variable, find out the path of the home page in the CHView contructor and load the html page in the CHView OnInitialUpdate.

To load a page in the view, use the view Navigate2(url) function.
Remember that is works only with Internet Explorer 4 installed on your system!

If you want to know more about HtmlView and Tecno Preview, try at Microsoft Visual C++ pages.

Last updated: 2 July 1998


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