Adding a Toolbar to a Dialog-Based Application

Environment:Visual C++ 6

Annoying as it is, the Visual C does not provide an automatic Toolbar for Dialog Classes. Many of the Apps I create are Dialog based. I enjoy providing the user with the prototypical MS toolbar for starting events.

I realize this article may be simplistic, however, many of the readers (I include myself in this category) often are starting from scratch on a project and require some easy code to accomplish a small task. So why re-invent the wheel.

What to do


In the Resource Editor insert a new toolbar resource. Create the Buttons on the Toolbar and assign each button a unique ID (as you would for a normal MFC Doc/View project); For our case we will call this resource IDC_TOOLBAR1

Second: Declare a vraiable in the proteted section of the CDialog Class.

CToolBar m_wndToolBar;
Third: In the CDialog::OnInitDialog member function add the following code:

Note: In order to add the toolbar we need to expand the Client Window size to accomodate the Toolbar.

// Create the Toolbar and attach the resource
|| !m_wndToolBar.LoadToolBar(IDR_TOOLBAR1))
 TRACE0("Failed to Create Dialog Toolbar\n");

CRect	rcClientOld; // Old Client Rect
CRect	rcClientNew; // New Client Rect with Tollbar Added
GetClientRect(rcClientOld); // Retrive the Old Client WindowSize

// Called to reposition and resize control bars in the client 
// area of a window. The reposQuery FLAG does not really traw the 
// Toolbar.  It only does the calculations. And puts the new 
// ClientRect values in rcClientNew so we can do the rest of the 
// Math.

// All of the Child Windows (Controls) now need to be moved so 
// the Tollbar does not cover them up. Offest to move all child 
// controls after adding Tollbar
CPoint ptOffset(rcClientNew.left-rcClientOld.left,;

CRect	rcChild;

// Handle to the Dialog Controls
CWnd*	pwndChild = GetWindow(GW_CHILD);  
while(pwndChild) // Cycle through all child controls
 pwndChild->GetWindowRect(rcChild); // Get the child control RECT

// Changes the Child Rect by the values of the claculated offset
  pwndChild->MoveWindow(rcChild,FALSE); // Move the Child Control
  pwndChild = pwndChild->GetNextWindow();

CRect	rcWindow;
GetWindowRect(rcWindow); // Get the RECT of the Dialog

// Increase width to new Client Width
rcWindow.right += rcClientOld.Width() - rcClientNew.Width(); 

// Increase height to new Client Height
rcWindow.bottom += rcClientOld.Height() - rcClientNew.Height(); 

MoveWindow(rcWindow,FALSE); // Redraw Window

// Now we REALLY Redraw the Toolbar
That's it. It's not dockable, but it sure beats trying to put a lot of little buttons on the Dialog.

Several people requested a demo and how to handle the buttons. Attached is a samll sample demo. Doesn't really do much. What needs to be done to add functionality. When you add the toolbar. Click on each button and add an ID (I used IDM_A, IDM_B, etc). Then from the Class Wizard. Select the ID and Add the function ON_COMMAND. Since I have not been able to get the CMDUI update function working, I simply added a pointer to the toolbar and retrieved the info for the specific button, then changed the button style and reset the button either enabling (0) or disabling(TBBS_DISABLED) the button. Hope this helps...


Download demo project - 27 Kb


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  • A very light mistake on text in web page

    Posted by r-gimilio on 02/18/2007 04:27am

    You write in this web page: "For our case we will call this resource IDC_TOOLBAR1" It must be: "For our case we will call this resource IDR_TOOLBAR1". Anyway, adjust to the name given to your toolbar. It is correct in the demo project who works fine.

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