A Complete Screen Saver Framework Using MFC

This article was contributed by chensu.

Environment: Visual C++ 6.0 with Service Pack 3, Windows 9x and Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3

Here is a complete screen saver framework. It is based on the MFC sample "SAVER: Screen Saver" that comes with Visual C++. But I added more functionality so that it does everything a screen saver needs to do. To help you understand it and insert your own code, I removed all the drawing code so that it is as simple as possible (blank screen). In addition, I wrote a simple installation program. This installation program puts the screen saver (saver.scr) into its resource so that only one executable file (sinstall.exe) needs to be distributed. The Project Workspace contains two projects. One is the screen saver itself, another is the installation program.

In most cases, you will only need to make the following modifications.

  • Add drawing code in the drawwnd.h and drawwnd.cpp.
  • Add a configuration dialog box, launch it in the CSaverApp::DoConfig function of the saver.cpp.
  • Add your own resource if any (resource.h and saver.rc).

For your reference, I list some Web sites related to Windows screen saver programming here.

Happy Screen Saving!


Download Source Code - 161 Kb


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