Rip Audio from a CD and More

Environment: VC6, MFC, Win95/98/NT/2000/XP

This software will record music from various sources, including "ripping" an audio CD. This is a freeware software. It is used to record audio CD music, cassette tape music, and other external sources. However, the output format is the pure WAVE format that is the Windows standard.

It has basically no menus, as all the operations are simple and in a dialog box. The Options button is the important one. You should specify the options before you begin recording. The Options dialog box requires you to specify a folder where the recorded files are to be stored. For audio CDs, the files are stored by their track names with a .WAV extension. However, for outside sources, the files are stored as Sound.Wav. You must rename this file to your own filename before you begin the next recording; otherwise, the file is overwritten!

The music is converted to a wave file by using low-level multimedia functions in Win32. You must specify the resolution of the recorded file. CD-quality recording is 11025 X 4, stereo, 16 bits per second. If you specify another resolution, the audio quality is degraded but the files consume less memory. For example, 11025 X 1, mono, 8 bits is the lowest resolution; it is telephone quality, occupying only 11025 bytes per second! Depending upon your needs, you can specify other resolutions. The music ripping application looks like the follwing:

There is a temporary memory parameter, which is the maximum amount of memory used for recording instead of using minutes and seconds; it does an automatic calculation of the amount of memory available. This can be used if you are unable to specify the amount of time. The memory allocated can succeed only if you specify a large amount of paging file, which is the virtual memory.

If you get a memory error while starting to record, try reducing the resolution in the Options dialog box. Select the audio CD drive to get a listing of the files in it. Then, select a song and press the Rip AudioCD button. If you are recording from a cassette tape or other sources, use the Rip Other button. The + button next to the CD drive selection box is used to refresh the drive.


Download source -- 19 Kb

About the Author

Vinoj Kumar

I have been programming for the past 16 years. I started programming in 1990. I came to Windows in 1993. I have authored a book called, "Classic Utilities Using Assembly Language" , 1995. In my free time I listen a lot to Kenny G sax all the albums and Valentine Classics Songs. I like to watch a lot of TinTin adventure Comics. I am currently working in K7 Computing antivirus company ( as Senior Technical Lead. My contact is: Phone: +91 944 411 7353


  • Nice code dude!

    Posted by gl_soldier on 07/26/2006 05:49pm

    Hey, you do a good job homie!

  • I agree with Kotok

    Posted by Legacy on 01/24/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Anemis

    I agree with Kotok. This is an excellent exercise in the fundamentals of multimedia manipulation and is an excellent place for anyone who is new to this area of software development to start learning. An inaccuracy in the product's title is no cause for insults.

  • Why criticize?

    Posted by Legacy on 01/09/2003 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Kotok

    Why those "know all" guys came here to criticize... is it a true ripper? 4x11025<>11025x4? typo on sample vs second?. Does not matter, neither deserves a rude response.

    Shame on you, stupid criticizers!

  • Doesn't work on Win2k

    Posted by Legacy on 06/16/2002 12:00am

    Originally posted by: CLY

    Doesn't work on Win2k

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