Apply a 3D bitmap pattern on text or other shapes

Suppose you have some text and instead of using a single color to draw the text you want the text to be drawn using a bitmap pattern. This is best explained with pictures. The left most image is some text and a simple shape. The image in the middle is the bitmap we want to use to fill the interior of the letters and the shape. The result is shown in the third image. So, this topic will basically give you the code to achieve this result. As a bonus you get a 3D effect by making the text and the shape appear raised. The code also allows you to get a sunk-in effect rather than a raised effect.

The basic working of the EmbossPattern() function is similar to the Emboss() function that we have already covered in the previous topic. It draws the bitmap pattern to the result bitmap and uses a monochrome bitmap of the letters and shape to change the non-filled in area of the bitmap to the background color. It also creates a monochrome bitmap that represents the edges that need to be highlighted and it creates another monochrome bitmap of the edges that need a shadow. These two bitmaps are then used to draw the highlight and the shadow.

To understand how this code works, study the explanation given in the previous topic "Emboss text and other shape on your bitmap".
//prototype for default arguments - add this to your header file
HBITMAP EmbossPattern( HBITMAP hBitmap, HBITMAP hbmPattern, HPALETTE hPal, 
			BOOL bRaised = TRUE,
			COLORREF clrHighlight = GetSysColor( COLOR_BTNHIGHLIGHT ), 
			COLORREF clrShadow = GetSysColor( COLOR_BTNSHADOW ) );

// EmbossPattern	- Creates a 3D effect and draws the pattern on the foreground
//			  but leaves the background alone
// Returns		- A new bitmap containing the resulting effect
// hBitmap		- Bitmap that contains the basic text & shapes
// hbmBackGnd		- Contains the color image 
// hPal			- Handle of palette associated with hbmBackGnd
// bRaised		- True if raised effect is desired. False for sunken effect
// xDest		- x coordinate - used to offset hBitmap
// yDest		- y coordinate - used to offset hBitmap
// clrHightlight	- Color used for the highlight edge
// clrShadow		- Color used for the shadow
// Note			- 1. Neither of the bitmap handles passed in should be selected 
//			  in a device context.
//			  2. The pixel at 0,0 in hBitmap is considered the background color
HBITMAP EmbossPattern( HBITMAP hBitmap, HBITMAP hbmPattern, HPALETTE hPal, 
			   BOOL bRaised, COLORREF clrHighlight, COLORREF clrShadow)
	const DWORD PSDPxax = 0x00B8074A;
	BITMAP   bmInfo ;
	HBITMAP  hbmOld, hbmShadow, hbmHighlight, hbmResult, hbmOldMem, hbmMono ;
	HBRUSH   hbrPat ;
	HDC      hDC, hColorDC, hMonoDC, hMemDC ;

	if( !bRaised )
		// Swap the highlight and shadow color
		COLORREF clrTemp = clrShadow;
		clrShadow = clrHighlight;
		clrHighlight = clrTemp;
	// We create three monochrome bitmaps. One of them will contain the
	// monochrome version of the bitmap primary bitmap. One will contain
	// highlighted edge and the third will contain the shadow. These
	// bitmaps are then used to paint the highlight and shadow on the
	// background image.
	hbmResult = NULL ;
	hDC = GetDC( NULL ) ;

	// Create a compatible DCs
	hMemDC = ::CreateCompatibleDC( hDC );
	hMonoDC = CreateCompatibleDC( hDC );
	hColorDC = CreateCompatibleDC( hDC );

	if( hMemDC == NULL || hMonoDC == NULL || hColorDC == NULL )
		if( hMemDC ) DeleteDC( hMemDC );
		if( hMonoDC ) DeleteDC( hMonoDC );
		if( hColorDC ) DeleteDC( hColorDC );

		return NULL;

	// Select the Pattern image into memory DC so that we can draw it
	hbmOldMem = (HBITMAP)::SelectObject( hMemDC, hbmPattern );
	// Get dimensions of the pattern image
	::GetObject( hbmPattern, sizeof( bm ), &bm );
	// Create the monochrome and compatible color bitmaps 
	GetObject( hBitmap, sizeof( BITMAP ), (LPSTR) &bmInfo ) ;
	hbmMono =
		CreateBitmap( bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, 1, 1, NULL ) ;
	hbmShadow =
		CreateBitmap( bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, 1, 1, NULL ) ;
	hbmHighlight =
		CreateBitmap( bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, 1, 1, NULL ) ;
	hbmResult =
		CreateCompatibleBitmap( hDC, bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight ) ;
	hbmOld = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hColorDC, hBitmap ) ;
	// Set background color of bitmap for mono conversion
	// We assume that the pixel in the top left corner has the background color
	COLORREF clrBackGnd = GetPixel( hColorDC, 10, 10 );
	SetBkColor( hColorDC, clrBackGnd ) ;
	// Create the monochrome version of the bitmap.
	hbmMono = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmMono ) ;
	BitBlt( hMonoDC, 0, 0, bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight,
		hColorDC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY ) ;
	hbmMono = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmMono ) ;

	// Create the highlight bitmap.
	hbmHighlight = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmHighlight ) ;
	PatBlt( hMonoDC, 0, 0, bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, WHITENESS ) ;
	BitBlt( hMonoDC, 0, 0, bmInfo.bmWidth - 1, bmInfo.bmHeight - 1,
		hColorDC, 1, 1, SRCCOPY ) ;
	BitBlt( hMonoDC, 0, 0, bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight,
		hColorDC, 0, 0, MERGEPAINT ) ;
	hbmHighlight = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmHighlight ) ;

	// create the shadow bitmap
	hbmShadow = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmShadow ) ;
	PatBlt( hMonoDC, 0, 0, bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, WHITENESS ) ;
	BitBlt( hMonoDC, 1, 1, bmInfo.bmWidth-1, bmInfo.bmHeight-1,
		hColorDC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY ) ;
	BitBlt( hMonoDC, 0, 0, bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight,
		hColorDC, 0, 0, MERGEPAINT ) ;
	hbmShadow = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmShadow ) ;
	// Now let's start working on the final image
	SelectObject( hColorDC, hbmResult ) ;
	// Select and realize the palette if one is supplied
	if( hPal && GetDeviceCaps(hDC, RASTERCAPS) & RC_PALETTE )
		::SelectPalette( hColorDC, hPal, FALSE );
	// Draw the pattern image - tile it if needed
	for( int w = 0; w < bmInfo.bmWidth; w += bm.bmWidth )
		for( int h = 0; h < bmInfo.bmHeight; h += bm.bmHeight )
			BitBlt(hColorDC, w, h, bm.bmWidth, bm.bmWidth, hMemDC, 
					0, 0,SRCCOPY);
	// Restore the old bitmap in the hMemDC
	::SelectObject( hMemDC, hbmOldMem );
	// Set the background and foreground color for the raster operations
	SetBkColor( hColorDC, RGB(0,0,0) ) ;
	SetTextColor( hColorDC, RGB(255,255,255) ) ;

	hbrPat = CreateSolidBrush( clrBackGnd ) ;
	hbrPat = (HBRUSH)SelectObject( hColorDC, hbrPat ) ;
	hbmMono = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmMono );
	BitBlt( hColorDC, 0, 0, bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight,
		hMonoDC, 0, 0, PSDPxax ) ;
	DeleteObject( SelectObject( hColorDC, hbrPat ) ) ;
	hbmMono = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmMono ) ;

	// Set the background and foreground color for the raster operations
	SetBkColor( hColorDC, RGB(255,255,255) ) ;
	SetTextColor( hColorDC, RGB(0,0,0) ) ;

	// blt the highlight edge
	hbrPat = CreateSolidBrush( clrHighlight ) ;
	hbrPat = (HBRUSH)SelectObject( hColorDC, hbrPat ) ;
	hbmHighlight = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmHighlight ) ;
	BitBlt( hColorDC, 0, 0, bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight,
		hMonoDC, 0, 0, PSDPxax ) ;
	DeleteObject( SelectObject( hColorDC, hbrPat ) ) ;
	hbmHighlight = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmHighlight ) ;
	// blt the shadow edge
	hbrPat = CreateSolidBrush( clrShadow ) ;
	hbrPat = (HBRUSH)SelectObject( hColorDC, hbrPat ) ;
	hbmShadow = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmShadow ) ;
	BitBlt( hColorDC, 0, 0, bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight,
		hMonoDC, 0, 0, PSDPxax ) ;
	DeleteObject( SelectObject( hColorDC, hbrPat ) ) ;
	hbmShadow = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hMonoDC, (HGDIOBJ) hbmShadow ) ;
	// select old bitmap into color DC 
	SelectObject( hColorDC, hbmOld ) ;
	DeleteObject( (HGDIOBJ) hbmMono ) ;
	DeleteObject( (HGDIOBJ) hbmShadow ) ;
	DeleteObject( (HGDIOBJ) hbmHighlight ) ;
	ReleaseDC( NULL, hDC ) ;

	return ( hbmResult ) ;


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  • Solution : Creating a 16 color or 256 color bitmap using Data

    Posted by Legacy on 04/19/2001 12:00am

    Originally posted by: NAGARAJA B

    I Got a solution for this....

    Step 1 : Go to control panel
    Step 2 : Double Click on Disply
    Step 3 : Click on Settings Tab
    Step 4 : Select anything in Colors List Box
    For Ex 1 :
    If you select High Color (16 bit) this works for
    CreateBitmap( bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, 1, 16, NULL ) ;
    For Ex 2 :
    If you select True Color (32 bit) this works for
    CreateBitmap( bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, 1, 32, NULL );

    and so on........


  • Creating a 16 color or 256 color bitmap using Data

    Posted by Legacy on 02/08/2001 12:00am

    Originally posted by: NAGARAJA B

    The below code is to create monochrome bitmap

    CreateBitmap( bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, 1, 1, NULL ) ;

    hbmOld = (HBITMAP)SelectObject( hColorDC, hBitmap ) ;

    But I tried to create 16 color or 256 color bitmap using

    CreateBitmap( bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, 1, 4, NULL ) ;
    CreateBitmap( bmInfo.bmWidth, bmInfo.bmHeight, 1, 8, NULL ) ;

    This part is works fine, But SelectObject() is not working. Its returns NULL value. Please email me regarding this.

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