Create Access data source name dynamically

This sample in this article was created using VC 5.0. The necessary .h and .lib files are present in the zip.

To create a DSN at run time you could use the SQLConfigDataSource API. Internally this information is stored in the registry. The syntax is attached below

SQLConfigDataSource(NULL,ODBC_ADD_DSN,"Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)\0","DSN=TestDB\0DBQ=D:\\Database\\Friends.mdb\0DEFAULTDIR=D:\\DATABASE\0\0");

The problem is that if you want to accept the values from the user or set these values at run time by passing CString or char* will not work. This is because, when sprintf encounters a /0 it assumes it is the end of the string and ignores the rest of the data.

As a workaround you have to use the below mentioned code.

The following code places : where a /0 is expected and there is a loop which replaces a ":" with "/0". You will not be in a position to use sprintf because, when it encounters a /0 it assumes it is the end of the string and ignores the rest of the data.

char* szDesc;

int mlen;

szDesc=new char[256];

sprintf(szDesc,"DSN=%s: DESCRIPTION=TOC support source: DBQ=%s: FIL=MicrosoftAccess: DEFAULTDIR=D:\\Database:: ","TestDB","D:\\Friends.mdb");

mlen = strlen(szDesc);

for (int i=0; i<mlen; i++)


if (szDesc[i] == ':')

szDesc[i] = '\0';


if (FALSE == SQLConfigDataSource(NULL,ODBC_ADD_DSN,"Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)\0",(LPCSTR)szDesc))




Download ZIP - 48KB


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  • Same solution using a pointer

    Posted by Legacy on 12/15/2002 12:00am

    Originally posted by: Juan Subotich

    A slightly optimized solution using a pointer, and changing
    the ':' character by '#' because of posible conflicts if
    it is used in de path name of the database :

    char buffer [256];


    char * p=buffer;

    while(*p != '\0')
    if(*p == '#')

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    Originally posted by: sanjay

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    The Same Problem Of UID,PWD

    I need My client to connect to sql server using ODBC using the function SQLConfigDataSource every thing is OK but I can't specify user and password for this connection ...
    When not writting UID,PWD attributes ,An authentication Dialog box displayed for asking the user to verify the user and password....and it's not desired to display such a message...
    I need Help....PLZ

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